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NaBloPoMo… or whatever

The trouble with having such a fragile mortal vessel is… it’s dreadfully fragile. It’s easily distracted. It’s painfully sensitive. It’s tremendously human, which is really so unfortunate when we are trying to enjoy ourselves.

So, I’ve decided to post something–some type of art or literature–here in this barren wasteland every day for the month of November. This is commonly known as “National Blog Posting Month,” as a play on “National Novel Writing Month.” Unfortunately, the mortal vessel needs to sleep I guess, so there isn’t time to add in actual NaNoWriMo word counts on top of school work. But, blogging is fun, too.

Enjoy this Monday offering of one of our favorite images we’ve ever shot.

An off-white cast of a feline skull against a black background. The top portion of the skull is sharp and stable with no blue. The lower jaw is blurred to give the appearance that it is opening and closing.
Articulated Feline Skull

This photo was taken in 2017, at the San Diego Natural History Museum. It’s one of our favorite places. So many interesting creatures and critters there.

I remember when most of them first evolved. Ah, nostalgia.